Stupid, Happy And In Love (feature), writer/director Terrell Woodfork (release 2010)
Third Unitarian Church
(short docu), writer/director Etta Worthington, Oak Park
The Art of Wine
(short), writer/director Kerry Devine, Crystal Lake
Winner of the First Annual Francis Ford Coppola Presents Rosso & Bianco Theater Movie Contest

(short), writer/director Etta Worthington, Oak Park
Chicago TONE and CARDIO (promo DVD), Bird's-Eye Media, Inc., Schaumburg director Mark A. Besozzi View on You tube
Haunted Barn
(short), Triple Moon Productions, Round Lake Park
(feature), Split Pillow Productions, producer Jason Stephens, Chicago
The Allegro Hotel (promo video), produced Daryl Lannert (Moonlake Productions), Chicago
A Feast In the Mirror (short), writer/director Hossein Khandan, Chicago

Spaceman Dan's 243rd Flight (short), writer/director John Mossman (Artistic Home Productions), Chicago

(short), writer/director Wojciech Lorenc, Chicago
American Motel (short), writer/director Wojciech Lorenc, Chicago
Shame and Understanding (short), writer/director Jason Naczek, L.A.

33--A Question of Doubt?, Nihilist Gelo, Chicago
Nihilist Gelo, Chicago
Kudll Punk,
Nihilist Gelo, Chicago
Skuscocfah, Nihilist Gelo, Chicago
Gringos, Halfcocked Productions, Chicago
The Zoo Story, Nihilist Gelo, Chicago
Bad-Ass and the Devil, Halfcocked Productions, Chicago
Thr33s, Halfcocked Productions, Chicago
Need, Halfcocked Productions, Chicago
FishTank, Halfcocked Productions, Chicago
Disturbed, Halfcocked Productions, Chicago
Amhurst Undead, The Mammels, Chicago
Gelo to Oblivion, Halfcocked Productions, Chicago
Serendipidty, Halfcocked Productions, Chicago

Claude, book by Tim Hart, Bailiwick Theatre, Chicago (September 2003)
Snip, Snap, Snute, book and lyrics by Janet Preus,
Recent showings:

  • St. Paul, MN (August 2008)
  • Chicago (February 2003)
  • Fergus Falls, MN (September 2001)

Caution! People at Play, book by Tim Hart, lyrics by Janet Preus, Theatre Building Chicago, Chicago (2000)

Illguitarit Subway
(producer), by Marleah Liddle, release 2010
10 Spot
(producer), by MK Gallina, released 2003
MeatTime Apparatus by Nihilist Gelo, released 2002 (still available)
Times O' The Sygn, released 1991 (out of print)
The Sygn by The Sygn, released 1990 (nowhere to be found)